Reasons Why Conveyancing Solicitors Carry out a Local Search

When you move, your conveyancing solicitor will often conduct an investigation requested by you, or more likely required by your mortgage lender. Among them, the most important is undoubtedly the search for local authorities, but what is it for, and why do conveyancing solicitors do it?

Why do Conveyancing Solicitors Carry out a Local Search?

The search is designed to identify the information held by the local board that serves the house you want to buy. Therefore, it reveals information contained by the board and may be vital in its decision to proceed with the purchase.

A significant aspect of the investigation is whether the council maintains one of the roads near the property. It is said that the trails maintained by the commission are “adopted.” Because it is essential? That is important because if a path you need to access your property is not adopted, your conveyancing solicitor must ensure that you have the appropriate rights to use the way to access the home.

The second reason why it is essential is that if the road is not maintained publicly, you, as the owner, may be responsible for its maintenance. Therefore, it will be necessary to determine the condition and condition of the road, as well as possible maintenance costs, as you may not want to continue if there is a risk that repairs are expensive.

The next important aspect of research is planning. The investigation will reveal if all necessary planning permits have been obtained. If they have not done so, there is a risk that local authorities may request the cancellation of construction works. Therefore, you may have to cut a gallery if it has not been built according to the appropriate planning permission.

Traffic patterns are also essential problems that local research will identify. If, for example, local authorities are planning significant traffic works near the property, there may be noise or changes in access to the property that can damage it.

Finally, several other problems come to light, for example, if the property is in an area affected by radon, if tree preservation orders have been made about the trees in the property’s garden and if the property is in a conservation area.


Local research may seem expensive research when all you want to do is move into your new home. However, the results are so varied that the importance of doing local research cannot be overstated. Without a conveyancing solicitor investigation, it will depend solely on your knowledge of a property. If it is not as complete as you think, your enjoyment of the property, or its value, may be lost.